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The Nutshell Librarian is a high school English teacher turned temporary stay-at-home mom.  Originally hailing from the snowy suburbs of Wisconsin, she now lives in the most cookie cutter city in Southern California with her husband (Z), baby girl (Little A), and dog (Scout).  Cookie cutter is okay, though, because The Nutshell Librarian surrounds herself with lots of fascinating people and lots of books (which can take you anywhere, if you haven't heard).

At various times in between Wisconsin and California, The Nutshell Librarian and Z have lived in Minnesota and China, and they have also adventured a bit recklessly in Egypt, Bali, Thailand, Mexico, and Costa Rica.  You may hear about memories from those places from time to time because sometimes staying at home with a baby is a little like the movie Groundhog Day, and she needs to reminisce about times when she could go anywhere at any time, be a bit irresponsible, and only worry about wiping one butt (her own).

Every morning and every night (and sometimes in between), The Nutshell Librarian and Little A read books together.  One of them adores the fanciful artwork and sometimes morally complex conflicts in those short stories, and the other likes how the pages taste.  In fact, those who are fans of Maurice Sendak may have already figured out that the name of this website is an homage to one of his children's book collections.  Mom and daughter have decided to share reviews of their favorite books on The Library page of this website.  Please visit from time to time and see what they are reading!  Suggestions for other good reads are always welcome.  

As to the rest of this business, this entire website began as a way for The Nutshell Librarian to sort through her feelings about who she is and what comes next after a baby.  If you are wondering the same thing, do not expect to find an answer here.  She is a little confused these days.  In the meantime, please enjoy this outlet of self expression.  As soon as she has all of the answers, she will post them on another blog.  

If you would like an alternative point of view to these musings, Little A is never shy about sharing her perspective on her own page, The Nut.

You can contact The Nutshell Librarian at the.nutshell.librarian@gmail.com.

The Nutshell Librarian would like to thank Z for all of his help in turning an idea into a reality.  She loves him very much.

Thanks for visiting!


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